Ex-Boyfriend Dream Meaning

The dream of an ex-boyfriend is sure it can be quite harsh. No matter what you see in the dream, more likely, it reflects what is going on with you. Maybe you have moved on in your life, you no longer hung up, and your relationship is finished, and you are asking yourself in the morning: ” Why is my ex showing in the dream?”

The good thing is that dreaming of an ex is very common, and, it does not necessarily mean you are still interested in them.

Here are some of the most common dreams about your ex and explanations to them:

  • An intimate relationship with an ex
  • fighting with your ex
  • dreams about being ignored by your ex
  • getting back together with your ex
  • missing your ex
  • where your ex gives you advice
  • dreams where you see your ex dies

And other types of dreams about your ex.

Dreams About Seeing Your Ex

Dreams about seeing your ex may feel positive or negative and may mean a lot of things. This could be a fact that you have met someone in waking life, who reminded you of your ex, and this brings the similar feelings you felt during the relationship. And then you see his image in the dream. Another interpretation, you simply miss your ex-partner, and your subconscious brings good memories of your relationship.

If you felt negative emotions in the dream, again, this could mean that waking life events brought in the memory unpleasant moments associated with your ex.

Dreams About Getting Back Together With Your Ex

If you had a dream in which you renewed a relationship with an ex-boyfriend, quite possible, this could happen in reality. Just do not expect that everything will turn out differently. You could have this dream, as your life changes, and how far have you come from a past relationship with your ex. That is why dreaming about an ex is very common for brides-to-be.

Dreaming About Sex With Your Ex

The dream of an intimate relationship with an ex-boyfriend, suggests you should learn to control yourself. Nervous state and excessive temper will cause many troubles and spoil relations with others.

Another dream meaning, when you see yourself with your ex in an intimate relationship could mean that you stop yourself from a new relationship and still keep this place reserved for your ex.

Kissing Your Ex In A Dream

A dream in which you kiss with an ex-boyfriend, predicts to tune in to a new love adventure. Unexpected acquaintance and easy communication will turn into deep feelings with continuation.

“I know that’s what people say– you’ll get over it. I’d say it, too. But I know it’s not true. Oh, you will be happy again, never fear. But you won’t forget. Every time you fall in love it will be because something in the man reminds you of him”

Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Dreaming About Your Ex Kisses You

If you had a dream where your ex kisses you on your lips, quite possible this means that he wants to resume a relationship with you. If you got an unexpected kiss from your ex in the dream, this could be an indication that soon you will have a new relationship that will bring strong emotions and connections.

Dreams About Fighting With Your Ex

If you had a dream that you are trying to beat the ex-boyfriend, it indicates a dependence on the past. You are too attached to old memories and thoughts. The subconscious mind, therefore, tries to remind you that the reason for your parting still exists, and the circumstances of the severance of relations remain relevant to this day.

Another interpretation of the dream about fighting with your ex that something or someone in your life makes you feel, the way you felt during your relationship, and it makes you feel unsettled and anxious.

Dreams About Getting Along With Your Ex

To dream about getting along with your ex and see your marriage in the dream is a sign of real personal life. You can trust your partner, who is with you now, and even maybe you will get married to him in reality. And if you do not have a serious relationship at the moment, this person could be your ex, and your relationship can have a new beginning.

Dreaming about Your Ex Is Sick Or Dies

If you had the dream of the death of an ex-boyfriend this personifies an internal riot. You cannot reconcile with parting and constantly return your thoughts to a happy life together with him.

You need to learn to live without this person: take some free time, find new hobbies and interests. It will help to overcome the pain and forget the past.

If you dream about nursing your sick ex, this could be a meaning that you are still trying to deal with the break-up and you still need time to go over it.

Dream Where Your Ex Gives You Advice

If you dream about your ex-partner gives you advice, especially about the new love relationship you are going in now, do not worry, it is not actually him, who is talking to you. It is your subconscious mind that speaks to you and gives you advice on how not to repeat the same mistakes you made with your ex.

Seeing Your Partner’s Ex

We often dream about things that preoccupy our minds while we are awake. And dreaming about your partner’s ex may mean that you do not feel safe in the current relationship and you are still comparing yourself with partner’s ex. You should come to terms with your feelings about the old relationship of your loved one. We all had the past and the most important that he is with you now and you should focus on your future rather than on your past.

Dreaming About Your Ex Is Rejecting You Again

To dream about how your ex is painfully rejecting your again, this could mean that your dream could stem from your fear of being rejected in all parts of life. If your separation was initiated by him you may still be hurting from those feelings of loss. If it was your decision, maybe you still feel guilty for causing him pain.

Meeting Your Ex’s New Partner

To dream about your ex’s new love could mean that in real life, you feel rejected and replaced, especially if your ex in real life is with someone new. If your ex is not with someone, then dreaming about him with someone may feel like a super anxious feeling, and maybe this could mean that in reality, this will happen. Your dream is preparing you for inevitable, that your ex-partner will continue his life without you.

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”

George R.R. Martin

Dreaming About Terrible Habits Of Your Ex

To dream about annoying habits of your ex could be an indication that something or someone in your life annoys you as much as old habits of your ex bore you in the past. For example, your ex was a smoker, and you hated it, and now your new partner is a drinker or has another habit that terrifies you. How do you feel about it? You should pay attention to dreams like that, and they are a good indication that something in your life is not happening the way you want it to happen.

Romantic Dreaming About Your Ex

If you had a dream where you hold your ex’s hand and you hugging and spend a romantic time together, this dream shows that you are longing for a relationship with him. Perhaps you feel the incompleteness of the relationship or their understatement. To get rid of such thoughts, try to write them down on a sheet of paper, and burn it.

Dreams About Tears Of Your Ex

The dream about the tears of an ex-boyfriend, suggests you can contact this person for support. He will react with sensitivity and understanding of the situation and will certainly try to help.

Dream About Quarrel With Your Ex

If you had a dream about the quarrel with your ex-boyfriend, parting with him will be only temporary in real life. The situation will be possible to reconcile again. Just ask yourself, do you really want him back? The same is the dream interpretation, where the ex-boyfriend asks for forgiveness.

Dreams Come True Based On The Day of The Week

SundayDo not pay attention to the dream
MondayThe dream may come true in 10-14 days
TuesdayEmotional dreams but will not come true
WednesdayHigh chance of the dream to come true
ThursdayProphetic dream
FridayPositive events of the dream will appear in your life or in the life of your family and friends
SaturdayHigh chance of the events in the dream to come true the next day

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