Falling Dream Meaning

There are differing interpretations of falling in dreams. Historically, this dream had a contrary interpretation, though some descriptions are definite in more modern times. Falling can be an indication of insecurities and anxieties. You are feeling out of control in some situations in your waking life. This may relate to your work environment or your personal life.

General Meaning Falling

Seeing a fall in a dream is not always a bad sign. Sometimes this dream could be a sign of blessings. To fall from the sky indicates that you will have a fresh start and find new ways to not see in life. A fall in a dream can be a source of self-confidence, which helps you rise again from a depressed state of mind. This means your moving in the right direction.

Falling dreams often reflect a sense of failure in some circumstance or situation. It may be the fear of failing in your job, exam, loss of status, or failure in love. You feel shameful and a lost sense of self-esteem.

If you dream of falling with other people that are acquainted with you foretells that they are having same troubles and insecurities like you do.

You can experience the following:

  • falling from the sky
  • falling from the tower, roof
  • someone pushed you, and you fell
  • you see other people fall
  • you experience the feeling of falling but do not see it

Positive changes after the dream:

  • If you feel happiness in the dream
  • Fall and fly dreaming
  • You fell from the bright, blue sky

See a short description of the dreams about falling:

  • Falling on your back – you’re missing the support of close people
  • Falling on your hands – you are caring for family members
  • Lossing balance – you are experiencing instability and in desperate need of some grounding in life
  • Lost grip – you could be losing control in life, you may feel as if you’re holding on by a thread in your waking life 
  • Being pushed – if pushed by someone you know it could indicate an aspect of your personality is similar to this person. That aspect of your personality has been abandoned and is seeking to be recognized and appreciated
  • Holding on – holding on tight in your dream means you’re struggling to maintain control but the situation is close to getting out of hand.
  • Slipping – dreaming of slipping and falling to your death can have you waking up in fear. It means that you might be about to make a decision that could cause emotional upheaval 
  • Others falling – a dream of someone else falling could indicate that you may be on the receiving end of someone’s bad judgment.
  • Falling in water – dreaming falling in water means you need to take note of your emotional wellbeing, you may be learning things about yourself that you never realized before and you should consider stopping being childish   

“Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand”

Hayley Williams

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Falling?

A dream in which you fall in general can be considered to be a warning against starting new projects or making new investments. If you are already in a middle of a project, you need to modify your expectations towards being more conservative. In investment terms, this dream can mean that you need to take less risky positions.

If in the dream you fall, but you are not hurt. As a result, it means that you will be able to steer yourself away from a dangerous situation in your real life. This situation will be connected with your personal life, and some people may set a trap for you in a sense, but you would be able to avoid it.

Falling Dreams Hurt The Ground

If you are hurt from the fall, you can experience some loss in your professional life. You might suffer a loss of a lucrative business opportunity. However, this lost opportunity will provide you with a valuable lesson, and you will know how to approach such opportunities in the future.

Snow Falling Dream Meaning

The dream about falling snow is a good sign. You might get surprised or have something pleasant happening in your life. If, in a dream, the sky turned black before snowfall, then this could indicate inner depression or difficulties in getting along with people.

Falling From The Cliff

Falling from a cliff can be a sign of a depressed mind. But the nightmare is only restricted to your dreams. Interpreting these situations in a dream holds different meanings. To fall from a tower or building in the dream is a negative omen; it can denote difficult times ahead, rather much like the tower card in the tarot deck.

A Fall From A Height

A fall from a minimum height indicates that you will have minor issues with your health which will be over quickly. If this dream has a recurring nature, it means that you will have to be treated medically in a more extensive manner.

A dream where you fell from a great height threatens to get into an unpleasant situation. Try not to interfere in other people’s conflicts and not create your own.

If you dream of someone falling from a great height, it means that you will be displeased by the general situation in your personal life. You might be eager to make changes, even radical ones, to get away from the displeasing situation. This dream can also mean that you will help yourself get away from some position.

If you dream that you have slipped from a high place, this can eventually lead to your death, which represents that you will experience a problem. Maybe you are emotional at the moment? It can also suggest a setback in life, and you need to reconsider the possibilities and options so that you can respond correctly. To fall from a plane is a positive dream and indicates a new start in life.

And falling is another way to fly

Emilie Autumn

See Yourself Fall In A Dream

The dream in which you saw your own fall warns that the habitual situation will change. The place where you felt calm and protected, this time may fail. Once in this situation, you will come to your senses for a long time.
If you fell into a dream and woke up, unexpected success will come. You will be lucky in some area of your life. Maybe this will be a pay rise or a win of the lottery.

When you fell on a flat spot in a dream, it is a symbol of physical and nervous overstrain. Relax and relieve yourself of an exorbitant load. Everything must be done gradually, without overworking.

Feel A Sense Of Falling But Not Seeing It

Experiencing a sense of falling but not seeing it promises some unpleasant situations in life. Be careful and do not act rashly. Also, this dream can represent understated self-esteem. It would help if you learned to appreciate yourself, no matter what.

Falling In The Abyss Dream Meaning

Fall into the abyss is a sign of serious trouble from a small mistake. Be very careful, as any small oversight will turn into significant problems, almost impossible to solve.
The abyss into which you fell in a dream speaks of a difficult period. Keep everything under personal control so that other people’s mistakes are not costly to you.

Fall From The Mountain Dream Meaning

If you fell from a mountain in a dream, it is worth hiding your true intentions in reality. Announcing your goal publicly, you will not be able to achieve positive results.
When you see the place of your landing after the fall, be sure to pay attention to it. It is a symbol of what your soul is looking for.

Fall From The Stairs Dream Meaning

To fall from the stairs is a sign of a weak position. The person you depend on can betray you at any moment. Try to strengthen your situation and get on your feet.

Fall In the Elevator

The fall in the elevator personifies the wrong way. The road chosen by you in life leads to a dead end. It would be good if you can review your goals and priorities.

“The sensation of falling was the worst part.

Cassandra Clare, City Of Bones

Falling From The Balcony Dream Meaning

If you fell from the balcony, everything might go wrong in business or at work. Please do not get upset; it does not hurt to achieve what you want with due diligence. Little troubles will only make you better understand the situation.

Fall In The Water Dream Interpretation

The fall in the water speaks of your infantilism and apathy. If you want to succeed in life, start to take a proactive position in your life. If you are lying on the couch, you will not achieve your dreams.

Dreams Come True Based On The Day of The Week

SundayDo not pay attention to the dream
MondayThe dream may come true in 10-14 days
TuesdayEmotional dreams but will not come true
WednesdayHigh chance of the dream to come true
ThursdayProphetic dream
FridayPositive events of the dream will appear in your life or in the life of your family and friends
SaturdayHigh chance of the events in the dream to come true the next day

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