Swing Dream Meaning

The dream about being on a swing often reflects the imbalance of your life. If you happen to dream about swinging on a swing, this dream tells you to pay attention to certain life sphere. It is worth paying particular attention to the interpretation to get rid of the state of ‘pendulum’ and uncertainty.

General Dream Meaning Of A Swing

If you dreamed of a swing, this is the symbol of a particular part of the life path. Failures and great achievements can hide behind such a dream. It is necessary to recall every, even the smallest detail, to decrypt it correctly.

The dream about a swing may represent feelings that you have towards a not completed goal, you are not sure if you should fulfil it or not.

If you enjoy being on a swing in a dream, this dream may foretell that you enjoy careless and fun life. You love your lifestyle and at the same time, you like not to care about other people. Moreover, you love being free from obligations and responsibilities.

You may experience the following in the dream:

  • swing on a swing
  • sit on a swing that is not moving
  • swing on a swing alone
  • swinging on a swing with a beloved one
  • swing on a kid’s swing
  • see a swing at a distance

The dream has a positive meaning, when:

  • you fell joy and happiness from swinging on a swing
  • a swing is working properly
  • you are swinging at a comfortable speed
  • you see your friends and family in a dream

Dreaming About a Swing at A Distance

The swings that you see from a distance predict persistent attention from the opposite sex. It is not necessary to go into every love affair, just enjoy your popularity and try not to compromise your reputation.

Dream About Swinging on A Swing

When you happened to swing on a swing in a dream, in reality, an unbearable load of uncertainty lies on your shoulders. Like a pendulum, you are leaning from one opinion to another and can not stop. This situation prevents you from concentrating and finding the right way out. You need to isolate yourself from external circumstances and calmly reflect on the problem. Only, in this case, you can see the right solution.

Dream About A Ferris Wheel

A dream where you ride a swing like a Ferris wheel foreshadows a time of heated debate with your loved one. You may feel unstable and uncertain, and the future seems so vague, and you may feel worried about it. The best for you would be to focus on your problems and it will help to stabilize the life around you.

If you dream about a beautiful Ferris wheel and you feel attracted to it, this dream portends future invitation to a party, and it is up to you to accept the call or not.

swing dream meaning

A Rope Swing Dream Meaning

If you dream about a rope swing from your childhood, there will be a time of carefree fun, joy, and pleasant memories ahead. Do not refuse such an opportunity to take a break from the daily bustle and worries. You should pay more attention to your mental state and relaxation.

“When we are children, we seldom think of the future”

Carl Gustav Jung

Dream About A Swing With Special Fastenings

When you happened to see a swing with special fastenings for the smallest children, in real life, you will have to go through a few unpleasant moments. They will be connected with your relatives and friends. The hassles that have arisen unexpectedly will bring discord into regular life: try to keep emotions under control and not get angry. Your relatives and friends should appreciate what you do to them and do not ask for too much.

swing dream interpretation

Dreaming About A Faulty Swing

A dream in which the swing turned out to be faulty is an alarming bell of the subconscious. You have long lost the ability to make decisions and be responsible for your actions. Laziness overcame and prevented to take even the most uncomplicated decision. It makes you easy prey for unreliable people and manipulators. It’s time to pull yourself together and realize that no stranger will improve your life. Otherwise, you will have to live it to please someone else.

Dreaming of A Swing Going In Circles

If you had a dream about going in circles on a carousel swing, and you do not really enjoy it, it is a sign from the subconscious that you are under a feeling of inner confusion. You feel that things are happening in life but against your wish and against your decisions. Probably you are in a feeling of fears at the moment and you are not sure what to do.

Dream About An Empty Swing

If you dream about an empty swinging swing, it is a signal about the divergence of your actions with internal needs. Stop neglecting yourself for the sake of others’ interests, no one will appreciate it and it is bad for your self-esteem. And such an imbalance in life can lead to a disturbance of your psychological state.

Be On A Swing Alone In A Dream

Dreaming about swinging on the kids’ swing by yourself and you see yourself from the side, this can be a sign of future troubles, and these problems can arise from some unrealistic and unfair facts. Check everything before you act, do not trust anyone else’s words, and do not start suspicious business initiatives. Think carefully about each step and accurately calculate the consequences.

Dream About To Swing With A Loved One

A dream in which you swing on a swing with your loved one is a bad sign. Your trust is unsteady and unstable. Constant suspicions without any grounds will lead to quarrels and disagreements. Solve all problems calmly, if you do not want to break this relationship.

swing dream meaning

Falling Off A Swing Dream Meaning

When in a dream you fell from the swing, in reality, keep yourself in hand, by all means. Give in to your negative emotions – to correct the consequences of their manifestations will be almost impossible.

Dreaming about falling off the swing suggests that you will reach some type of sudden accident in life. Pay attention to how you landed in the dream, was it painful or was it a soft landing? Depends on your landing you can judge your way around sudden unpleasant even in real life.

” It is never too late to have a happy childhood”

Tom Robbins

Dream About A Friend on A Swing

To see a friend in the dream, swaying on an attraction, predicts a divergence of views with this person. They will be so strong that you will not be able to keep a warm relationship.

Standing on A Swing Dream Meaning

Standing on a swing in a dream suggests that you want more challenges in life. You are pushing your limit to see how far you can get. You will put more power and focus on your goals and ideas.

Pushing Someone On A Swing

Dream about pushing someone on a swing, suggests that you will motivate someone who is going through challenging times in life. You will help someone to build self-esteem and feel confident again. At some point, you will need to embrace the personal changes this person is going through.

Building A Swing Dream Meaning

To dream about yourself building a swing foretells that you will take certain obligations to make the life of other people. These people are important for you and you will feel satisfied with what you are doing to those people.

Tree Swing Dream Meaning

Dreams about a swing placed from a tree branch foretell that you will take a break from your daily hustle. Enjoy some downtime with your family and friends. You will be able to grow spiritually without pushing for it.

Dream About Swinging On Children’s Swing

If you swing on the swings of your children in your dream, you can safely agree to participate in the proposed project. Your actions will help to get the desired result and bring an unprecedented energy boost.

Dreams Come True Based On the Day Of The Week

SundayDo not pay attention to the dream
MondayThe dream may come true in 10-14 days
TuesdayEmotional dreams but will not come true
WednesdayHigh chance of the dream to come true
ThursdayProphetic dream
FridayPositive events of the dream will appear in your life or in the life of your family and friends
SaturdayHigh chance of the events in the dream to come true the next day

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