Cannibalism Dream Meaning

Cannibalism’s dream meaning symbolizes the most hidden corners of your soul. This dream also warns you of the danger of the manifestation of animal instincts. You need to be extremely careful to avoid troubles in reality. Try to remember all the details of the dream so you can get a better interpretation.

General Meaning Dream about Cannibalism

If you dream about cannibalism, do not be afraid as this dream often has a positive meaning and predicts travel, achievements and acquiring new goods.

At the same time, cannibalism in a dream is a revealing sign that you maybe feeding off the energy of other people, use other people’s ideas or even spend someone’s money. Perhaps you are not even aware of your own actions and replenishment of the energy occurs unintentionally.

The other side of the cannibalism in the dream that you often depend on other’s people opinions. The only way is to change your attitude towards other people and rely more on your strengths and instincts.

Such an unusual cannibalistic dream can be a reflection of your personality; you are maybe a person of extremes. You are probably strange in appearance, and in you, behavior and cannibalism in the dream show your unusual way of living.

What you might see in the cannibalism dream:

  • see the act of cannibalism
  • you are turning into a cannibal
  • being chased by a cannibal
  • forced to eat people
  • eat human meat and feel pleasure
  • discover that you ate human flesh after you have eaten your meal

The dream has a positive outcome in the following cases:

  • You feel guilty after eating human body
  • you have successfully escaped from the cannibal

The more detailed interpretation you can find below.

See the Act of Cannibalism

The dream, in which you saw the act of cannibalism, tells that you are absorbing someone else’s life force in reality. Most likely, you use the achievements and ideas of an outsider to establish your destiny. Also, this dream can represent a strong desire to take over other people’s goods, moral or material things. Keep yourself in touch and do not succumb to animal instincts in reality.

If you dream about watching an act of cannibalism, this also represents your lack of individuality. You want to be like other people, so you become closer to those with the qualities you would like to have. The best advice here is to try to keep a healthy balance between your own unique qualities and the good qualities that you want to get from others.

The dream of bloody cannibalism speaks of the coming event. All this will significantly affect your perception of the world and make you change your own opinion about many things. All of this will happen very unexpectedly.

Dream about Being a Cannibal

If you had a dream about turning into a cannibal, this dream advises not to lose your head. New love can return you to a primitive society and deprive you of the ability to think sensibly. Do not dive into a whirlpool with your head; this can end badly.

If you dream about eating human meat and at the same time experience unprecedented pleasure, this dream promises the acquisition of undeserved power. However, do not rush to rejoice, because such a “gift” of fate is similar to a free cheese in a mousetrap. You will not be able to cope with new responsibilities, which will lead to significant troubles and problems of other people. Better reject such a proposal before it’s too late.

If you dream about eating human flesh and have a feeling of disgust, such a dream means that you will fall into conditions that are contrary to your principles and moods and it is up to you to change the order of things and have a positive outcome of the situation.

Cannibalism Dream Meaning for a Man

If a man dreams of human meat, this dream foreshadows the material well-being and prosperity. Maybe soon the man will make an unusually large purchase of property, which will be very successful. If you had a dream where you eat the meat of close people or blood relatives it predicts to be in poverty. Most likely, it will negatively affect your character and open up to the world such qualities as rage, anger, and selfishness to the highest degree.

Cannibalism Dream Meaning for a Woman

If a woman dreams about eating human flesh, this dream predicts a loss of work and social status. The woman’s reputation will be tainted with frivolous behavior and frivolity. Try to control your desires, so as not to worsen the situation.

Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy

Zigmund Freud

Dream About Eating Someone You Know

If you dream about seeing someone that you know as a cannibal, this may mean that you may have mixed feelings about this person. You may feel like there is something they are not telling you that you need to know. Our advice – try to get closer to this person to stop your dreams from cannibalizing your loved ones.

If you see a dream where you eat the flesh of your close relative, this can be an indication that you have something to say to your relative but afraid to do so. Or another interpretation, that you will have some arguments with this relative and you will need the help of other people to resolve the situation

Dream About Eating Unfamiliar Person

If you dream about finding the corpse and eating the flesh of the body of an unfamiliar person, even such a dream sounds very scary; in real life, this dream means that you will see the reasons for your recent fears, and you will be able to overcome them. Your concerns will not be an obstacle for you anymore.

Dream about Being Involved in Cannibalistic Act

If you had a dream about being involved in the cannibalistic act, be wary of material losses on a large scale. Do not trust your property or money to anyone, so as not to be a victim of scammers. The dream where you attempt to escape from a cannibal ritual signifies that you need to take off a load of responsibilities of yourself. So stop for a moment and breathe in peace: it’s time to devote time to your desires.

The dream, where you were part of a whole ritual for eating human meat, recommends not to succumb to emotional impulses and to measure them with real opportunities. Surrendering to overwhelmed desires, you will lose much more than you will receive. 

When you dream about human meat without noticing anything around, it means your concern for food. You run the risk of gaining excess weight by stopping to control your diet.

If in your dream you can hardly swallow a piece of meat, this is an indication that in real life, you struggle with making decisions, and in the nearest future, you will face the situation when you will have to decide with the power of your will.

If you dream about eating human flesh and then throwing the bones to the dogs, this dream may be a sign that you have been thinking about a new idea, but you are not ready to announce it to your friends and family. You have some fears that your original concept will not be appreciated or welcomed by your surroundings. We recommend just be yourself and do not be afraid to be judged. You are the only person that lives your life, and you know better what is right for you.

Dream About Drinking Blood and Eating Flesh

If you are dreaming about drinking someone else’s blood and eating this person’s flesh, this can be a sign of the future income that you can get from renting your property or giving some of your belongings for lease. And it will be a very profitable agreement for you.

Dreaming about allowing other people to drink your blood and eat your flesh, means the opposite. You will allow someone to use your property, resources, and these people are not planning to give anything back to you. This dream is a good sign for you to look around and see who can be these people that could use you free of charge.

Dream comes true based on the day of the week

SundayDo not pay attention to the dream
MondayThe dream may come true in 10-14 days
TuesdayEmotional dreams but will not come true
WednesdayHigh chance of the dream to come true
ThursdayProphetic dream
FridayPositive events of the dream will appear in your life or in the life of your family and friends
SaturdayHigh chance of the events in the dream to come true the next day

If you see other meat in your dream, check the interpretation here.

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