Ceiling Dream Meaning

A dream about the ceiling can have both positive and negative meaning. This can be a reflection of your inner feelings. As well as well herald some changes in life. It all depends on the ins of your vision.

If you had a dream about how the ceiling is heavily hanging over you, it is a reflection of the burden of obligations and complexities that you cannot resolve. All the difficulties penetrated are so deeply into your subconscious mind that they do not give rest even at night. Get together with the forces and ask for help from competent people and this will make it possible to make significant progress.

A dream about a high and aesthetically pleasing antipode of ceiling speaks about emotional uplift and joyful events. All this will find a pleasant response in the soul.

The dream of a smooth white ceiling tells of pacification and peace in your life.

If you saw a ceiling in cracks in a dream, it reflects your inner feelings. Most likely this shows remorse and feelings about past deeds.

The dream of a strong and reliable ceiling is a symbol of protection and confidence in the future. Now you are under the reliable wing of the guardian angel and can afford to participate in small adventures.

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If you had a dream, where the ceiling flows, portends difficulties in business and trouble at home. The dirtier water pours from above; the more complex the situation will be. If you are showered with clean and pleasant water from above in the dream, it means woes are passing by.

If you had a dream about a wet spot on the ceiling, it prophesies unpleasant rumors from your enemies. Reputation can be threatened. The attempt to justify in this case will only lead to the worst result.

If you had a dream about an accident, in which the ceiling collapsed and cut off the path to the exit, promises unforeseen circumstances. This will make the unstable situation already quite unstable. If you cannot change the situation, then you should morally tune in for a hard time.

The dream about the beginning destruction of the ceiling warns of difficulties in mutual understanding with management. Try to avoid conflicts and quarrels by the side and avoid saying your opinion louder than the boss.

If you had a dream about a piece of the ceiling that fell under his feet, predicts the difficulties in life. Now is not the most favorable period for active action and new beginnings. Try to hide and restore strength.

The dream about a hole in the ceiling reveals your secret fears and feelings. Shortly you will face them directly. Tune accordingly, so as not to fold when the time comes. To get rid of the heavy feeling you need to deal with them once and for all.

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The dream about the ceiling repair predicts the expansion of the circle of your influence. This may reflect not only the discovery of new horizons but also the return of previously lost positions. Do not try to charge yourself with everything at once: some duties can be entrusted to relatives or colleagues.

If you had a dream about a web on the ceiling, it closes the true state of things from you in reality. We need to take a sober look at what is happening and take note of the views of others around this.

If you had a very unusual dream, in which you walk on the ceiling, predicts a distortion of reality. You will cease to feel solid ground under your feet and understand where the truth is, and where lies. Dismount the work for this time and give yourself the opportunity to start understanding yourself.

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