Eyebrows Dream Meaning

If in a dream you see yourself with thick eyebrows that have merged into one, it predicts an incredible financial success. When such eyebrows are on someone else’s face, wait for grief and hardship in life.

If you dream of someone with full eyebrows closing the eyes, this indicates an early quarrel with friends. You must look at the situation from the opponent’s point of view. Try to be more understanding towards your friend, accept his life position. It’s necessary, if you want to keep a friendly relationship.

Long and densely planted eyebrows promise enrichment and happiness. If they are black, it predicts good health. If you dream of white or red eyebrows, it is necessary to prepare for betrayal from a loved one. If you dream of grey-haired eyebrows removed, then you expect an imminent loss of one of the oldest members of the family.

When in a dream you shave your eyebrows, this means close-minded people in the surrounding environment. As well as it may tell you about your stupid actions.

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If you burnt your eyebrows in a dream, then money disputes await you. Perhaps, the division of inheritance or proceedings with the management over the salary.

If you dream of your eyebrows falling out, it portends lies, betrayal, and falsity in the personal life. Most likely, a loved one will cheat on you. It is worthwhile to look carefully at what is happening, the sooner you find a deception, and the easier it will be to survive.

Dreaming of watching someone else’s eyebrows means success everywhere. Love affairs will go uphill, colleagues will respect you, and the authorities will appreciate what they deserve. If other people’s eyebrows fall out, most likely, the troubles will wait for each turn. It is necessary to keep your mouth shut both at work and at home, so as not to aggravate an already complicated relationship. When you pluck out someone’s eyebrows in a dream, then you bring on yourself little trouble.

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