Hotel Dream Meaning

Dreams that feature a hotel as a central theme have many different interpretations. The hotel dream meaning can apply to both professional and personal life. Because a lot depends on the actual circumstances in the dream. The hotels are difficult dreams to interpret,as they can mean different things depending on your life.

In general, if you see a hotel or motel in a dream, it represents transition between one path in life to another. Generally, we live at home, in our comfortable and safe world. Therefore to dream of a hotel can indicate that you are in the process of transition from one path of life to another in waking life,

If you have a recurring dream in which you live in a hotel, it might indicate a real-life desire for moving to someplace else. This is especially the case if the mood during your dream is positive. However, a negative feeling prevailing it might indicate that you are unsure whether you are better off moving to someplace else.

If you dream that you are looking for a hotel, but you can’t find it, get ready for a shock. It can indicate that you will be faced with the seemingly inescapable situation in your personal life. The case will last for a short time. As unrelated circumstances will allow you to solve the issues that have brought you in that position in the first place.

If you dream about visiting a hotel lobby or reception desk, this dream represents your need for help. Perhaps you are at the place or situation in life, where you cannot cope by yourself anymore.You need to find people who will help to overcome the current situation, or you need to go to another place where you will feel safe and belong.

A dream in which you will leave a hotel signifies that you will get rid of something undesirable in real life. For example, you might change some unhealthy habit or something to that nature.

Having a pleasant stay at a luxury hotel signifies that you have a slightly pleasant surprise. This is will be connected with your workplace. This might be an unexpected promotion or raise of payment. However besides the rise of your position a surge in your responsibilities is also likely.

If in real life, the hotel is a place where you go for work, then the dreams about the hotel may indicate your relationship with work. If you have a pleasant stay in the hotel, then your future work life will be pleasant and with no stress. If you dream about an unpleasant stay in the hotel, then this indicates that you can expect work challenges, your relationship with coworkers and the boss can become tense.

In in real life you go to the hotel for holiday, then your dream about the hotel may indicate your desire to explore the nature of relaxation, perhaps you need to look for new place to stay calm and relax.

If you dream about having a love affair in the hotel room, this is a sign of the tension in personal life, you desire to change your love life in real life.

If in your dream, you only focus on the bed or mattress in the hotel room, this can represent your current sexual relationships that might be only temporary.

If you have an unpleasant stay in a hotel, it might indicate that you need to diversify your efforts in your professional life. Staying focused on one thing only might not work anymore or at least for the upcoming period.

If you dream about a fire in the hotel and you stand and watch the hotel goes on fire, this can indicate that in real life, you are losing security and confidence. It is important that you have the care and attention needed to move forward in your life.

If you have a dream about a haunted hotel, where you are getting frightened by walking past the rooms, such a dream can indicate the fear to confront yourself and the truth about yourself and relationship with others. This can also indicate that the times are changing quickly and you need to adapt to these changes.

If you dream about an empty hotel, without any person inside, this can be a sign that in real life, you lack communication with other people.

You can even have a strange dream when the hotel is moving or flying, this can suggest that events in your life will soon come crashing down. The main advice is that you need to try to escape from your life to retreat and decide what is important to you.

Seeing yourself in the dream in a skyscraper hotel indicates that soon you will be involved in some challenging situations in life. If you see yourself going up in the lift in this hotel, this dream indicates, that you are likely to be successful in these challenging situations.

if you dream about getting lost on the way to the hotel, it foretells that you feel exhausted and worn out in real life. You need to find time and place for rest and recharge yourself. If you dream about going to the wrong hotel in the dream, this is a sign that you might make a wrong decision and this may go unplanned.

if you dream about getting lost inside the hotel and not be able to find the hotel room, this indicates that you have lack of direction with your short term goals. Perhaps, you are faced with many choices at the current time, which distracts you from where you want to go.

If you dream that you are employed in a hotel, it means that you might get somewhat unexpected help from someone. This help will be quite useful in achieving a particular beneficial turn of events in your personal life.

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