Visa Dream Meaning

The dream about visa signifies that your claims will be soon fulfilled. This often indicates legal, court-related success. You will likely have success in dealing with the law and lawyers.

Dream about standing in line with others while getting a visa is often a sign of financial success. Compared to traveling, the commercial success will come from your close environment.

If you dream that you have not been granted a visa, this signifies that you will expect hard times in real life.  This interpretation is more accurate if the dream was dreamt in the morning compared at night.

If you dream that you had been issued a visa by an important person, it is a sign that you will travel abroad very soon. The travel will be solitary, and you will go alone.

visa dream meaning

The meaning of issuing a visa to another person is very positive. It means that you will get to a position of responsibility. It may not be strictly law-related, but this position will be one that many other people will desire.

If you dream that you had asked for a visa in an embassy means that you will be successful at the end but you need to get through a very long legal and bureaucratic process.

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