Wind Dream Meaning

Wind dream meaning indicates that you will experience rapid changes in your life soon. This is especially the case if the wind in your dream was intense and noticeable to you. The strength of the wind, as well as its cardinal direction, also has an influence on the interoperation and the meaning of the dream.

Wind from the North

If in your dream there was a brisk wind blowing from the north it indicates that a relationship with some person will cool down soon. The duration of this cooldown would be longer if the wind were strong in the dream. If the wind was so strong that it was hard to walk into it means that the above-said person will turn to be your enemy in the future.

Wind from the East

If in your dream there was a strong wind from the east it means that rapid changes will soon occur in your professional life and that these changes will bring positive developments in your career. Many new opportunities might develop, and you might even have a hard time choosing the right one.

Wind from the South

The interpretation of the dream in which wind blows from the south is indicative that you will soon enter into a new relationship. If the wind was relatively weak, it means that the new connection will have a friendly nature. If the wind had high strength, it says that the relationship will be of a romantic nature.

Wind from the West

If in your dream wind blows from the west it is a sign that your luck levels will soon increase. Many events will turn in your favor possibly even surprise you with their outcome. Alternatively, this dream can indicate that soon you will go on a business trip or maybe you will relocate due to your work commitments.

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Extreme Wind Condition Dream Meaning

Dreaming about an extreme wind that picks up things and hurls them in the air is suggestive of somewhat surprising and very fundamental changes that will occur in your environment.

If the wind in your dream is so strong that it is almost carrying you away, but you are still trying to resist it, it means that you shouldn’t hope for favorable changes in your life in the nearest future. But it is a temporary period in your life.

If in your dream you are standing straight despite the severe wind that is blowing in your face, this dream means that you will honor respect for overcoming the lift challenges.

TailWind in the Dream

Experiencing a tailwind in the dream is a good sign reflecting the fact that your friends are always here to help you. With their help, you will overcome any obstacles. You are a happy person that has such people by your side and remember to pay them back when your friends will be in need of your help.

Dream comes true based on the day of the week

SundayDo not pay attention to the dream
MondayThe dream may come true in 10-14 days
TuesdayEmotional dreams but will not come true
WednesdayHigh chance of the dream to come true
ThursdayProphetic dream
FridayPositive events of the dream will appear in your life or in the life of your family and friends
SaturdayHigh chance of the events in the dream to come true the next day

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